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Garden kits

Use a free space with lots of sunshine in your garden to produce your own solar power for self consumption. You can optimize the positioning of your panels to get a full south orientation, that is best for production, and save on your power bill immediately.

Why choose Robinsun?

Save money

Saving on your bill is now easier. Self-installable solar kits, guaranteed and financed

30-year warranty

Trust the panels that will help you save. Longest warranty period on the market!

Save the planet

With your solar kit you become a pioneer in the reduction of CO2 emissions

A green solution for the outdoors!

All about Garden Kits

Introducing our Garden Kits, designed for various applications including gardens, flat roofs, balconies, and other stable locations. With a tilt angle of 20 degrees, our Garden Kits offer quick and easy mounting on any flat surface, ensuring optimal pressure distribution and roof protection. Our kits are built with high-quality materials, providing stability and durability for long-term use.

At Robinsun, we offer a range of options to suit your needs. The first difference is the power output of the kits. EU regulations allow kits up to 800 W output to be exempt from many norms and registration requirements. Our Garden Kits stay within this requirement. Kits with one panel are of 300 or 400 W output, depending on the type of panel they use. Kits of two panels are of 600 or 800 W output. We prioritize safety and ensure that our Plug & Play Solar Kits meet these standards.

Experience the convenience of our Garden Kits, an all-in-one package designed specifically for outdoor and garden spaces. Transform your green areas into green energy generation sources effortlessly! These kits seamlessly integrate into any environment, offering versatility and functionality. Install the solar panels on garden houses or directly on the ground with ease. Simply connect the kit to a nearby power outlet (using an external Schuko plug) and harness the sun's energy to take control of your power supply once and for all.

By generating your own solar power and reducing electricity costs, our garden kits provide both practical and visual benefits. They add an elegant and timeless touch to your garden, seamlessly blending nature with innovation. Embracing solar power and supporting the energy transition not only aligns with sustainability but also keeps you on-trend. Join us in this project and let's make a greener future together. Select between our 400 W and 800 W for your construction needs, whether it's a flat roof, garden, balcony, or any other stable location.

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