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When Robin Hood meets Robinson Crusoe

Residential solar is all the rage. It delivers the cheapest energy to households and avoids using grid energy that is not renewable and very expensive. But can all households take advantage of the benefits of solar power?

Just 50% of Europeans live in a house with a roof on which they can install solar panels. Everybody else lives in apartments that have no roof for a solar installation. In Southern Europe, where solar energy works best, 60-65% of households live in apartments. Robinsun brings the advantages of cheap solar energy to this unserved majority.

Installing solar panels on your balcony or pergola is easier and cheaper than you think. A 21st century Robin Hood would definitely fit his balcony with a Plug & Play Solar Kit, would stop paying huge power bills and would go get a subsidy from the sheriff.

Likewise, today’s Robinson Crusoe would have generated solar energy on his balcony a long time ago, heading over to the nearest DIY store to get components and build himself a Plug & Play Solar Kit. And he would not be asking for permits.

Our team

Robinsun is a European tech company based in Madrid. We develop innovative renewable energy products that combine proven technologies with mass market applications.

Robinsun was founded by Boris Hageney, a veteran entrepreneur in eCommerce in Europe and the US. Boris' main motivation to found Robinsun was the desire to build a scalable consumer tech company that participates in the fight against climate change. Every Plug & Play Solar Kit we sell is a small step in our common goal: to decarbonize the energy we use, and save our planet.

A company is only as good as its people. In our HQ an international and purpose-driven team is working hard to grow Robinsun, improve the products and services we deliver to our customers, and get customers on board with our mission. If you like what we do, you might want to join us.

Our climate pledge

Robinsun was born to contribute to the fight against climate change. We help households decarbonize the energy they consume. Also as a company, Robinsun commits to a net zero footprint.

From the energy we consume, to our company policies on travel and office space, as well as our packaging and logistics efforts, we measure our footprint and offset the inevitable. We will report on our progress on a regular basis.