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All about Plug & Play Solar Kits

At Robinsun we specialize in plug & play solar kits.

We offer different models and versions, so that you can find the best plug & play solar kit for your installation at home.

Save money

Saving on your bill is now easier. Self-installable solar kits, guaranteed and financed

25-year warranty

Trust the panels that will help you save. Longest warranty period on the market!

Save the planet

With your solar kit you become a pioneer in the reduction of CO2 emissions

Garden, Pergola or Flat Roof Kits

Use any flat surface or structure with a lot of sunshine to generate solar energy. Our Performance kits with 20° mount are the ideal solution for maximum production, resulting in the highest savings on your electricity bill.

Performance 400 (1 panel)

Our Robinsun Performance 400 Plug & Play Solar Kit has a maximum output of 400 W, and comes with a high performance solar panel. If you have limited space available, or just consume very little energy, this kit is your best option.

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Performance 800 (2 panels)

Our Robinsun Performance 800 Plug & Play Solar Kit has a maximum output of 800 W, powered by two high performance solar panels connected to a single micro inverter. It is ideal for higher energy needs and where space is not a constraint.

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Balcony Kits

No roof? No problem. Generate your own solar power with Robinsun Plug & Play Solar Kits on your balcony railing. We offer kits with ultralight panels for higher floors, or high performance panels for maximum yield.

Performance kit with 60° mount

Our Robinsun Performance kit allows you to fix a high performance solar panel safely to your balcony railing. For optimal production on balconies we have a 60° mount with heavy duty clamps. Available with an output of 400 W (1 panel) or 800 W (2 panels).

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Robinsun Light

For balconies on higher floors, our Robinsun Light kit gives you 300 W (1 panel) or 600 W (2 panels) output. Its flexible ultralight panels can be bent to fit many surfaces. This kit can be easily fixed to your balcony railing with the included stainless steel cable binders.

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Wall Kits

Use any wall exposed to sunshine to generate your own solar power with our Plug & Play Solar Kits. Choose between a 60° or 90° mount, and save up to 50% on your electricity bill while helping fight climate change.

90º Mount

With our 90° mount, your panels will be fixed solidly on any wall or other surface. A solid aluminum mount and heavy duty clamps make sure your panels will stay in place safely for many years. Available for kits of 400 W (1 panel) or 800 W (2 panels).

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60° Mount

Giving your panels an angle of 60° increases their production significantly. Our triangle mounts are made of solid aluminum and come with all accessories needed for a safe installation. Available for kits of 400 W (1 panel) or 800 W (2 panels).

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Basic Kits

Fix your panels anywhere, however you want to. With our Basic kits, you have the freedom to install your kit the way you wish, or use an existing mount structure you already have. This cost efficient solution is best if you are a DIY pro.

Robinsun Perfomance

Our Robinsun Performance Plug & Play Solar Kit has a maximum output of 400 W (1 panel) or 800 W (2 panels). This kit includes no mount and gives you the freedom to fix the kit wherever and however you want.

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Robinsun Light

Our Robinsun Light Plug & Play Solar Kit comes with a maximum output of 300 W (1 panel) or 600 W (2 panels). The flexible ultralight panels can be fixed to many surfaces, using stainless steel cable binders.

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A kit for every installation location

What is a Plug & Play Solar Kit?

A Plug & Play Solar Kit is an energy generating device for households that want to produce their own renewable energy for self consumption. Kits can easily be self-installed by anybody, without the need of an electrician or certified installer.

If you know how to set up a simple piece of furniture and how to plug in an appliance, you can for sure set up your Plug & Play Solar Kit. This simplicity in setup allows everybody to participate in our fight against climate change, generating renewable energy at home for immediate self consumption.

At Robinsun, we offer different kinds of kits. The first difference is the power output of the kits. EU regulations allow kits up to 800 W output to be exempt from many norms and registration requirements.

To be considered Plug & Play Solar Kits, they need to stay within the 800 W limit. Our Plug & Play Solar Kits with one panel are of 300 or 400 W output, depending on the type of panel they use. Kits of two panels are of 600 or 800 W output. We offer two types of solar panels for our kits.

Our Robinsun Light 300 and Light 600 Plug & Play Solar Kits use lightweight, flexible panels that are extremely easy to mount. We recommend these if you want to mount your kit alone, or install it anywhere higher than a first floor, specially if there is pedestrian traffic under your kit installation, taking into consideration safety concerns.

Robinsun Performance Plug & Play Solar Kits use conventional panels that are more performant, but also heavier. These Plug & Play Solar Kits are better installed by 2 people. We have kits for many installation locations, like balconies, pergolas, walls, gardens or flat roofs.

And for the Robinson Crusoe’s of this world, the DIY creative ones, we offer our Robinsun Performance Basic kits that come without a mount structure, and that you can fix however you like. Just make sure you mount your Plug & Play Solar Kit safely.

By purchasing a Plug & Play Solar Kit and promoting solar energy in society, you not only benefit yourself, but also the environment. The energy transition is a mission that concerns us all. Generating solar energy through a Plug & Play Solar Kit promotes renewable energies, which are respectful of nature and do not emit harmful greenhouse gases like fossil fuel powered energy.

Save the planet, and your wallet!