How does a Plug & Play Solar Kit work?

Place your Kit where it gets the most sunlight

We have different kits specially designed to adapt to almost every place. The more sunlight your kit receives, the more energy it will produce!

Plug your Kit directly into your socket

It’s that simple! The energy generated by the solar panels will be transformed by the micro inverter for instant use by your home. Just Plug & Play!

Your appliances will consume solar energy first

The electricity produced by your kit will be the first one your fridge, TV, wifi, etc consume. This reduces or eliminates the need for grid power, lowering your power bills.

Start cutting power bills and CO2 emissions

Producing your own solar energy avoids consuming grid power, that is not sustainable. Fighting climate change has never been this easy, and this good for your wallet too.

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Certify your Kit (Spain Only)

Certify your Robinsun plug & play solar kit, obtaining a CIE (certificado de instalación eléctrica). This allows you to get compensated for your surplus production by your power company.

The price of the service is €129 (VAT incl.) + regional taxes.

Select your region to see the final price (incl. taxes).

Certify your kit  

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