Store your excess production in a solar battery and use it when the sun doesn't shine

All about Solar Batteries

A Solar Battery stores the production of your Plug & Play Solar Kit and allows you to only feed into your home network as much power as you need at any given time. The remaining electricity produced by your kit is stored in the battery, and can be used when the sun is not shining. Don’t let any excess energy not consumed immediately simply flow back into the public grid.

Our Solar Battery offers a solution to this. It allows surplus energy to be stored for later use, ensuring you can utilize your solar power even when your solar kit is not actively producing electricity.

Through the app provided by the solar battery manufacturer you can control kit production, discharge to the home network and storage status. You can also change the settings of how much electricity the battery discharges to your network.

Robinsun has selected Zendure as a quality manufacturer after extensive testing. The solar battery system offered is modular. This means that you can stack up to 4 battery blocks on top of each other and control them with the same Hub. You can start buying a Hub with 1 solar battery, and then add more as you need them.

The solar battery is inserted between your solar panels and your micro inverter, that limits the maximum output of your kit to no more than 800 W, to comply with EU regulations at any time.

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