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Pergola Kits

Your Pergola not only provides shade on a sunny day, but can also cut your power bill by up to 50%. Install a plug & play solar kit on top of your pergola, and generate your renewable energy for self consumption.
Depending on the space available, chose between Performance or Light kits. If possible, give your panels an angle, to maximize production.

Why choose Robinsun?

Save money

Saving on your bill is now easier. Self-installable solar kits, guaranteed and financed

30-year warranty

Trust the panels that will help you save. Longest warranty period on the market!

Save the planet

With your solar kit you become a pioneer in the reduction of CO2 emissions

Find a clever way to use your Pergola!

All about Pergola Kits

With our Pergola Kits, you can find the perfect solution with versatile installation options and a variety of solar panel types to choose from. Take your pergola to the next level by transforming it into a solar power station. With our Plug & Play Solar Kits, you can significantly reduce electricity costs and gain greater self-sufficiency and independence in your power supply.

At Robinsun, we offer a range of kit options to cater to your specific needs. The first difference is the power output of the kits. EU regulations allow kits up to 800 W output to be exempt from many norms and registration requirements. Our Pergola Kits stay within this requirement. Kits with one panel are of 300 or 400 W output, depending on the type of panel they use. Kits of two panels are of 600 or 800 W output. We prioritize safety and ensure that our Plug & Play Solar Kits meet the highest standards.

One of the options that has been specially designed for this location is our high-quality monocrystalline solar panels that ensure efficient power generation and long-lasting performance. The 20° tilt angle structure incorporated in the Robinsun Performance - 400 W and 800 W ensures optimal sunlight exposure, maximizing energy production throughout the day. Our kits are designed to be mounted on any flat surface, providing a secure and stable installation. The optimal pressure distribution and easy clamp tilting feature guarantee roof protection and longevity.

For added convenience, we also offer Robinsun Light - 300 W and 600 W kits that utilize lightweight and flexible panels. These Solar Kits are designed for effortless self-assembly, thanks to practical brackets that make installation quick and easy. They are particularly recommended if there is pedestrian traffic below the installation area, as their lightweight design minimizes any potential risks.

Together, let's power the energy transition forward with our Plug & Play Solar Kits for your pergola. Experience the benefits of renewable energy, reduce costs, and embrace a sustainable future.

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