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Videos & Tutorials

How does a Plug & Play Solar Kit work?

Learn how our Plug & Play solar kits work. Start producing solar energy at home, reducing your carbon footprint, combating global warming and saving on your electricity bill.

Save the planet and your wallet.

Video installation for Robinsun Light 300 solar panel

Robinsun Light 300 Installation

See for yourself how easy it is to install a Robinsun Light kit on you home's balcony.

Video installation for Performance with 20 degree mount

Robinsun Performance 20° Installation

We show you how to install a Performance 800 kit with our 20° mount in a garden or flat surface.

What is a Plug & Play Solar Kit?

In this video we explain what a Plug & Play Solar Kit is, what its components are and how it works.

Where to install your Plug & Play Solar Kit?

There are many factors that affect the operation and performance of your Plug & Play Solar Kit such as orientation, panel angle and installation site. In this video we explain everything you need to know.

How to measure the productivity of your Plug & Play Solar Kit

Measuring productivity is very important to be aware of the energy generated, keep track to compare with historical consumption and be aware of any malfunction.