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solar panels in summer

Spend a safe and green summer with Robinsun solar kits

Summer is the best time to install a plug & play solar kit, with extended daylight hours ensuring maximum energy production. Today we provide a brief overview of how Robinsun solar kits perform in the heat of the summer.

Temperature and Efficiency: A Delicate Balance

While summer provides an abundance of sunlight, the high temperatures can affect solar panel efficiency. The optimal operating temperature for solar panels and micro inverters is 25°C. And the efficiency starts decreasing as temperature goes up. This decrease is quantified by the temperature coefficient, which measures the percentage drop in efficiency per degree Celsius increase above the optimal temperature. The temperature coefficient for Robinsun solar panels is from 0.045% to 0.29% per °C based on different parameters. 

For example, if the temperature increases by 10°C above the optimal 25°C, the reduction in voltage efficiency would be: 10 °C×0.25% per °C=2.5%. This would result in just a 2.5% reduction in the solar panel's efficiency. You can see more details in the data sheets that we publish on every product page, for example for the Robinsun Performance 800 Basic. The same principle applies to micro inverters. But generally, they are designed to handle a higher range of temperatures up to 65°C without significant drops in performance.

Despite the slight decrease in panel efficiency that high temperatures can bring, summer offers long sunshine hours more than compensating for the minor loss from temperature. From our savings calculator, you can see that for example in central Spain, the energy output in summer months with a  20 degree solar kit is still twice the production of that in winter months.

Robinsun's panels are engineered with advanced temperature coefficient ratings, ensuring they maintain optimal performance even in hot climates. This attention to detail enhances overall energy output, maximizing your investment.

Are solar kits safe in high temperatures?

Solar panels we use are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions, ensuring durability and reliability over time. At Robinsun, we use solar panels from the highest quality manufacturers like AIKO and QN Solar. The panels are rigorously tested to a wide range of standards to operate within an operating temperature range of -40°C to 85°C. They have passed the world's toughest testing regimes, like the PVEL in the US or TÜV in DE. Passing these tests gives customers the reassurance that the solar panels they buy can be expected to produce well over a long period of time. Solar panels without these test labels are likely going to fail under adverse operating conditions like extreme weather, wind, hail etc.

TSUN micro inverters can withstand temperatures ranging from -40°C to 65°C. Although micro inverters have a slightly lower upper temperature tolerance compared to the solar panels, both can easily withstand the extreme summer temperatures in Europe. With Robinsun, you can rest assured that your solar installation is safe and secure.

In essence, all components of our Robinsun plug & play solar kits are designed to operate safely and produce well in high summer temperatures.

Hot spot effect and its influence

The hot spot effect is very common during summer. It occurs when a part of a solar panel generates significantly less power than the rest of the panel. This is typically due to shading, dirt, manufacturing defect, or physical damage. This discrepancy results in the affected cells becoming resistive, thereby losing the absorbed energy as heat instead of electricity. Thus, these localized areas become hot spots. It can result in reduced efficiency, potential damage, and create safety risks such as fires.

Robinsun panels are designed to minimize the hot spot effect, through superior heat dissipation technology. This proactive approach reduces the risk of hot spots caused by shading or debris accumulation, optimizing panel efficiency and longevity. Regular maintenance, including cleaning, further enhances performance and ensures safety.


Robinsun prides itself on using exclusively high-quality materials sourced from top-tier manufacturers. Our panels are engineered with robust durability features and superior thermal tolerance, making them ideal for summer conditions. This commitment to quality guarantees that Robinsun solar kits will perform consistently and reliably, even in challenging environments. Moreover, check our previous analysis on the production of Robinsun solar kits in winter if you are worrying about the overall yearly production. Do not hesitate to contact us by leaving your email address or via WhatsApp. This summer, help the environment and reduce your energy costs with our solar solutions.

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