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Launching solar kits with Aiko 445 W panels - find out how little they cost

Launching solar kits with Aiko 445 W panels - find out how little they cost

At Robinsun we bring you the latest solar technology at the most affordable prices possible, so that ever more households can enjoy the benefits of solar technology and lower their power bills. Now we’re launching kits with high-power monofacial panels from top brand Aiko, with ABC technology and N-Type cells. And the best part is: prices are as low as €359.

Robinsun kits with Aiko solar panels

From today on, we give our customers a choice between bifacial panels from QN Solar, which have been extremely popular with our customers, and monofacial panels from Aiko, one of the top solar panel brands on the market. Both models are full black, use N-Type cells and are of the same size (172 x 113 x 3 cm). QN uses TOPCon, Aiko ABC technology for their solar panels. Both deliver excellent performances. Find all our kit types on

The difference is in bifacial v monofacial. For customers that install their panels with sufficient irradiation also from the back (pergolas, balconies), the bifacial QN panels can probably deliver more output. But customers that install their panels against a wall or on a tiled roof, monofacial panels are the better option. Since launching plug & play solar kits for tiled roofs in the last days, the Aiko panels are the preferred option for those.

Aiko is one of the most prestigious solar panel manufacturers on the market. Their Neostar 1S solar panels have an efficiency of 23%, one of the highest available at the moment. With a 15 year product and a 30 year performance warranty they offer the highest standards among top manufacturers.

Change in pricing, offering you the best tech at the lowest price in the market

Innovation at Robinsun doesn’t stop here. Today we also updated our pricing, excluding the shipment costs from our plug & play solar kit prices. This allows us to show a competitive price for the kits themselves, and to adapt the cost of shipment to our customers. But even if adding the highest shipment cost segment to our kit prices, you will still get a lower result for both kits with QN Solar and Aiko panels. Recent price developments in components have allowed us to further lower the costs of our kit. This is the third decrease in prices we were able to launch in the past 12 months!


At Robinsun, we constantly innovate to give you the latest technology for ever wider application at always more affordable prices. Last week we launched plug & play solar kits for tiled roof mounts, enabling our customers to use existing roofs to install their panels at an ideal angle. Now we add Aiko solar panels to offer more output power from a top manufacturer, and also lower the prices of our kits. We confirm our leading position in driving innovation in residential solar energy and democratizing the access to the latest technology to all households.


Hola Luis,
si que enviamos a Canarias. Para obtener un presupuesto sin el IVA por favor contacta con nosotros en o llámanos al 640913151.


Estoy interesado en la adquisición de dos kits de 425 W. para instalar en tejado plano. Sin accesorios de anclaje. Los enviarían a las palmas de gran canaria?

Luis Alemparte

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