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Mount Sunfer 02V1

Sale price€89,99

This Sunfer 02V1 Solar Mount from a Tier 1 manufacturer delivers excellent performance:

    • Landscape configuration of one panel.
    • Coplanar support with tile guardrail, roofing tile
    • Tilt angle 90 degrees.
    • Delivered as a ready-to-use kit.
    • Developed according to European standards.
    • Suitable for panel sizes: max. length 227,9 cm, max. width 115 cm


Due to high demand, expect delivery time between 2-3 weeks.

Installation Manual

Mount Sunfer 02V1
Mount Sunfer 02V1 Sale price€89,99

Quick installation

Self-install in minutes, without installer or electrician

Big savings

Cut your power bills by up to 50% for 30 years

Immediate impact

Connect directly to a socket, and save CO2 immediately

Everything you need for solar energy at the same place!

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