Basic kits

Do it yourself and let your creativity run wild. With our Basic kits, you have the freedom to install your kit as you wish. The kits include one or two solar panels, a micro inverter and the necessary connecting cables. Installation is your responsibility, using your own equipment. Save up to 50% on your electricity bill and help combat climate change.

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Reduce your emissions & costs by up to 50%

Top quality panels with 25 year production warranty

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Performance Basic

Our Robinsun Performance Plug & Play Solar Kit has an output of 400 W (1 panel) or 800 W (2 panels). This kit includes no mount and gives you the freedom to fix the kit wherever and however you want.

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Our Robinsun Light Plug & Play Solar Kit has an output of 300 W (1 panel) or 600 W (2 panels). These ultralight panels can be easily fixed with stainless steel cable binders.

How to install a Light kit

Learn how easy it is to install a Robinsun Light plug & play solar kit on your balcony railing. The ultralight panels can be fixed easily with stainless steel cable binders. The whole installation takes minutes and can be done by one person.

Save the planet and your wallet!

Creativity will be your best friend!

All about Basic Kits

Our Performance Kit opens up a world of possibilities. Simply choose a location that receives ample direct sunlight for extended hours each day and is free from shading. For optimal performance, orient the installation towards the south. Just ensure that the structure you mount your Plug & Play Solar Kit onto is robust enough to support the weight of the solar panel. With the Performance Kit, self-generated green solar power will now flow into your home whenever the sun shines brightly enough. This solution is perfect for supplying a significant portion of the power needed for standby devices in most households, ultimately benefiting your wallet. At Robinsun, we are dedicated to providing a diverse selection of kit options that cater to various needs. The first difference is the power output of the kits. EU regulations allow kits up to 800 W output to be exempt from many norms and registration requirements. Our Performance Kits stay within this requirement. Kits with one panel are of 300 or 400 W output, depending on the type of panel they use. Kits of two panels are of 600 or 800 W output. We prioritize safety above all else and guarantee that our Plug & Play Solar Kits meet all the essential standards. Despite being labeled as "basic", our Performance Kits can make a substantial impact. It's a wise investment for both tenants and homeowners. Our high-performance Performance Kits are designed to deliver an output of 410 Wp (watt-peak) per panel. You can find them in the version Performance - 400 W and 800 W for your preference. Additionally, if you're looking for a Plug & Play Solar Kit that includes mounting, be sure to explore our all-in-one options. On the other hand, if you specifically prefer a Plug & Play Solar Kit without mounting, you'll find everything you need right here. These kits come equipped with essential components for the operation of the Plug & Play Solar Kit, including solar panel, a micro inverter and cables. To enhance convenience, we also offer our Robinsun Light - 300 W and 600 W kits that incorporate lightweight and flexible panels. These solar kits are specifically designed for effortless self-assembly, facilitated by practical brackets that make installation quick and easy. They are particularly suitable for installations where there is foot traffic below, as their lightweight design ensures minimal risks and enhances safety. Embrace the power of solar energy and join the movement towards a sustainable future!

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