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Save money

Saving on your bill is now easier. Self-installable solar kits, guaranteed and financed

10-year warranty

Trust the panels that will help you save. Longest warranty period on the market!

Save the planet

With your solar kit you become a pioneer in the reduction of CO2 emissions

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Betteri extension cable
Betteri extension cable Sale price€29,99
MC4 Extension Cable
MC4 extension cable Sale priceFrom €19,99
Flexible solar panel and a micro inverter
Robinsun Light Sale priceFrom €549,00
Price dropPerformance 400 20º - 1 Panel
Robinsun Performance Sale priceFrom €399,00 Regular price€449,00
Performance 400 Basic - 1 Panel - Bifacial
Price dropPerformance 400 20º - 1 Panel
Robinsun Performance + 20º Mount Sale priceFrom €469,00 Regular price€499,00
Price dropRobinsun Performance 2 Panels + Mount 60º - Wall
Robinsun Performance + 60º Mount Sale priceFrom €529,00 Regular price€549,00
Price dropRobinsun Performance 1 Panel + Mount 90º - Balcony
Robinsun Performance + 90º Mount Sale priceFrom €499,00 Regular price€529,00

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