Find the best micro inverters from top manufacturers for your solar panel

All about Micro Inverters

Micro inverters are a key element to any Plug & Play Solar Kit. Their use in bigger solar installations has also been increasing in recent years. More and more manufacturers are offering micro inverters, but not all are of the same quality and functionality.

At Robinsun, we have extensively tested micro inverters of several brands, and offer you a selection with the best quality, performance and endurance. Your micro inverter should just work, for many years, reliably and under any weather conditions. They should also be compatible with your solar panels and solar batteries. Also check the connectivity that each brand offers. Not all micro inverters have direct WiFi connectivity, some need an additional connection device to connect your micro inverter to your home’s WiFi and see production in real time. In those cases we recommend using a smart plug that can measure the output of your Plug & Play Solar Kit reliably. Here you can find best of the line micro inverters that allow your elegant solar panel to have such a high level of power efficiency.

News about Micro Inverters

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