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Your solar kit at just €45/month - how is this possible?

Did you know that for as low as €45/month you can get a solar kit at home that will lower your power bills for the coming 30 years? If this sounds interesting, keep reading, we have good news for you.

Financing makes investing into your own solar power generation very affordable

Photovoltaic solar power delivers by far the cheapest electricity if compared to any other power source at scale, especially those powered by fossil fuels. Households traditionally have been purchasing electricity “on demand” from their power companies, and never had to worry about financing the generators of the power they consume. That is, until the advent of solar power, that converts consumers into “prosumers”, that produce and consume at the same time. Installing your own electricity generating solar installation, like a plug & play solar kit, requires you to pay for the kit upfront, and then enjoy free solar energy for as long as the kit produces. Our solar panels come with a 30 year production warranty, giving you a lot of time to save big on your power bills. That is why having a good financing option for your solar kit purchase is a key offering for us at Robinsun in our mission to get solar kits installed in as many households as we possibly can.

Let’s do the math

We have teamed up with SeQura to offer an attractive financing option for your kit, offering the possibility to pay your kit in installments of up to 12 months. Our Robinsun Performance 400 kit for example costs €449 (VAT and shipment incl.) in its Basic version. With Sequra, you can finance it and pay it in 12 monthly installments of €45. You will end up paying €540 in total. This kit can generate up to 800 kWh/year, that at 2022 average power prices in Spain of €0,30/kWh is equivalent to saving €240, or €20/month. If you save €20/month on your power bill, and pay €45/month for your kit, the impact on your household’s finances is only €25/month, including the cost of financing. And after 12 months, when you have paid all installments, your kit will save you €20/month for the rest of the 30 years of the production warranty of your solar panels.


Saving on your power bills with a plug & play solar kit is a very immediate and long lasting decision. Investing in a quality solar kit is key to extending your savings for decades. Financing your kit with SeQura makes purchasing a kit very affordable and only impacts your household finances very lightly. What are you waiting for? Get your kit today, and save the planet and your wallet.


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