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Solar panels innovation

We recently launched a flurry of innovations - here is the recap

In the past months, Robinsun has innovated like no other company in the solar kit space in Southern Europe. All innovations have been driven by customer demands. In case you missed some news, here is an overview.

Bifacial full black panels from QN Solar

As the first company in southern Europe, Robinsun has offered plug & play solar kits with bifacial solar panels featuring TOPCon technology and N-type cells. We chose QN solar, among the top global solar panel manufacturers as our partner. The full black modules have a very elegant look, and at 420 Wp are top of the range in the market at the moment. Bifacial panels can produce up to 30% more if properly irradiated from the back. This makes a 420 Wp panel produce potentially up to 546 Wp! For panels of just 172 cm x 113 cm size, this is a huge efficiency gain!

Monofacial full black panels from Aiko

We recently added an alternative solar panel option for installations where bifacial panels cannot get any backside irradiation. We chose Aiko, one of the top global brands when it comes to quality. Our 445 Wp model uses ABC technology and N-type cells, with the highest efficiency available on the market. Aiko’s ABC panels are extremely elegant and totally black, without even the connectors being visible on the front.

Plug & play solar kits for tiled roofs

Based on popular demand, we found a mount system that allows you to install our panels on tiled roofs. We have two versions of this:

  • If you can move the tiles of your roof, there is a tile guardrail version that allows you to mount the panels without damaging the tiles.
  • If you cannot move your tiles, we have a bolted version that drills through them. While you will have to drill through your tile, it offers the maximum stability and insulation

Tiled roof kits come with Aiko panels only, since there is no reflection on the back of the panel and a bifacial panel would produce only on the front.

One panel kits with 800 W micro inverter

As long as we’re out of stock on 400 W micro inverters, also our 400 W kits of one solar panel come with an 800 W micro inverter. The price stays the same. This allows you to easily upgrade your one-panel kit with a second panel later on.

Wide selection of cables

As just announced last week, we now offer a wide selection of cables to make the installation of your plug & play solar kit easier:

  • Betteri-Schuko cables of various lengths, from 3 m to 20 m. This cable connects the micro inverter to a normal Schuko socket.
  • MC4 extension cables of various lengths, from 1 m to 3 m. This cable connects the solar panels to the micro inverter.
  • Betteri extension cables of 1m. This cable allows you to connect various micro inverters in a daisy chain. 

With so many options, you can now install your kit easily in any place. You can also place your panels further away from the micro inverter, or reach power sockets that are a bit further afield. Given the superior quality of all cables, there is no transit loss by using longer cables.


Robinsun is the clear leader when it comes to innovation in plug & play solar kits in Southern Europe. To get the highest quality components, have all options when it comes to installing your kit and receive a top notch service from experis in plug & play solar kits, is the place to go.


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