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TSUN Micro inverter 800W

For a limited time only - one panel solar kits with an 800 W micro inverter

We’ve recently been facing shortages of components and temporarily are shipping Robinsun Performance plug & play solar kits with just one panel with 800 W micro inverters instead of the 400 W models they normally ship with. Take advantage of this opportunity, only available for a limited time, to get your easy-to-upgrade kit today!

400 W or 800 W micro inverter - what is the difference?

A plug & play solar kit needs a micro-inverter to convert the solar panels’ DC power to AC, on which your home’s electricity network runs. Our solar kits of one panel usually come with a 400 W micro inverter, while the two panel kits use an 800 W inverter. Both inverters are from TSUN, use the same app and are of the same excellent quality. While the 400 W model has just one pair of MC4 connectors to connect 1 solar panel, the 800 W model has two pairs and can connect 2 solar panels.

Short term change in micro inverter availability

Due to a shortage of 400 W micro inverter availability in Europe, we have decided to provide the 800 W inverter also on our one panel kits, until we can get hold of new 400 W micro inverter stock. We don’t know how long this situation will persist. But we recommend everybody interested in a 400 W kit to take advantage of it. The price of the kit stays the same.


Plugging in two 400 W kits with two micro inverters is the same as operating a single 800 W kit with just one 800 W micro inverter, as we wrote recently. But buying two separate 400 W kits is usually a bit more expensive than buying a single 800 W kit. With this current change, you have a chance to easily upgrade your 400 W kit to an 800 W one in the future.

An 800 W micro inverter allows you to connect up to 2 solar panels to it. If you buy a one panel kit now, should you want to increase the output power of your Robinsun Performance kit, you only need to add a second panel and mount to upgrade your kit to 800 W maximum output. This makes upgrading very easy and cost efficient, since the price of a 400 W kit remains unchanged, and you can buy single components separately from our solar panels and accessories sections of our online store.

2 commenti

Hola Luis,
el micro inversor es monofasico. Como puedes ver en la ficha tecnica del micro inversor que publicamos en todas las paginas de kits que lo usan, puede operar entre 220 y 240 V.


Tengo una instalacion electrica de una tension de entre fases, de 230 Vol. ¿ se podria conectar un micro inversor a esta tension,? siendo la tension entre fases de 230 Vol .

Luis Alemparte


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