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Robinsun selected for the Clean Cities Spain ClimAccelerator program

Robinsun wurde ausgewählt für das Clean Cities Spain ClimAccelerator Programm

We're proud to announce that Robinsun has been selected as one of 9 startups to participate in the latest edition of the Clean Cities Spain ClimAccelerator. The program, led by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) and supported by the EIT Climate-KIC, focuses on innovation around achieving climate neutrality in urban environments.

At Robinsun, our aim is to contribute in the decarbonization of residential energy. A lot has happened in the past decade to open up solar energy in this space, but so far in a scope that is limited to households living in houses with a roof, on which to install a bigger photovoltaic installation. From solar panels, to batteries, electric vehicle chargers and now heat pumps, as new technology has reached the market the impact has been growing.

But in Europe, only 50% of households live in a house. The rest live in apartments, that so far have been excluded from the energy transition. Robinsun is here to change that. We start with plug & play solar kits, as our first product to help households in apartments decarbonize the energy they use. With the recent launch of battery systems, we expand our product range to also offer energy storage for residential use in apartments.

Robinsun will keep innovating to bring ever more solutions to decarbonize households' energy consumption. And the best in this development is, that households actually save a lot of money. A plug & play solar kit in Southern Europe can pay back in a little as 2-3 years, and then delivers free, 100% renewable solar energy for the rest of its 25-30 year life span.

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