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Advanced technology in solar kits for flats to Spain

Robinsun bringt die fortschrittlichste Solarset Technologie nach Spanien

Kits are self-installable and adjustable on any type of floor, reducing traditional electrical energy consumption in cities.

Madrid, 13.12.2023. The solution to avoid installing large areas of renewable energy is to implement panels in all homes, taking advantage of the sun that Spanish apartments have and which is wasted in two out of every three Spanish apartments. Innovation in solar panels and their installation allows them to become increasingly more affordable and provide more power. Robinsun was born with the firm commitment to collaborate with citizens in the democratization of solar energy consumption in Spain, offering self-consumption kits and easy installation, taking advantage of the sunny space of any apartment. Now it is selling a new generation of solar panels, with the most advanced technology on the market.

The latest generation of Robinsun Performance plug & play solar kits is made up of bifacial solar panels from the QN Solar brand with TOPCon technology and N-Type cells. These panels produce energy from both sides, increasing production by up to 30%. This is due to the use of the entire path of the sun on one side or the other of the panel. By being of higher quality, Robinsun extends the production guarantee, which in turn reduces the average price of a kWh produced with its kit over time by 25%, to just 2.7 cents of euro. For comparison, the average price per kWh in Spain in 2022 was 30 euro cents.

Boris Hageney, founder of Robinsun, recalls that “this is a sector that can directly benefit the consumer. We want to lead in the offer, always seeking the most efficient technology. Our solar kits help reduce traditional electrical energy consumption and are attractive in terms of price (they are worth less than a mobile phone) and adaptation, as they fit the space of a flat. In addition, they produce energy in the place where it is consumed and immediately, so they are a good alternative to reduce costs.”

More durability and better technology

Until now, the solar panels that we found on the market used P-Type cells. The new Robinsun panels are the N-Type that have different coatings that extend their useful life, making it possible to also extend the production warranty, which will now be 30 years.

TOPCon (tunnel oxide passivated contact) solar panels are an innovative technology that replaces PERC (passivated emitter and rear contact) solar panels. They offer higher efficiency rates, lower degradation, better resistance to extreme weather conditions and improved performance in low light conditions.

With all this, it has also been possible to reduce the investment recovery time to up to 1.7 years (until now it was a minimum of 2 years), due to the decrease in its price and the savings on the electricity bill. This without taking into account the aid that the autonomous communities or the state currently offer to solar installations.

Plug & play solar kits can be installed on any balcony, terrace, pergola or sunny wall. Any Spaniard can take advantage of the sun. At Robinsun we take Germany as a reference, a country with much less sun that, last summer, had installed 1.5 million self-consumption panels. If we did the same in Spain, much more electrical energy could be generated from the cities than is being created now.

About Robinsun

Founded in Madrid in 2023, Robinsun's mission is giving all households the opportunity to reduce their electricity bill and fight climate change, producing their own solar energy for self-consumption. The company's plug & play solar kits use proven, state-of-the-art technology components. Plug & play solar kits are extremely affordable and easy to install. With Robinsun, all homes, even those without roofs, can participate in our energy transition and save on their electricity bill.

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