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Spaniards waste 50% of their solar energy

Spanier verschwenden 50% ihrer Solarenergie

World Energy Savings Day

This means an expense of more than €1,200 per year in addition to increasing CO2.

Madrid, October 16, 2023 Next October 21 is World Energy Saving Day and the latest data from the company Robinsun points to a loss of solar energy of 50% in two out of every three Spanish homes, which are all those who do not have a roof and live in an apartment. The new solar panel systems presented, much more adaptable and easier to install, demonstrate that both the energy bill and the CO2 generation resulting from the use of electrical energy from the grid could be reduced.

The average expenditure of a family of 3 people in, for example, Madrid, is around 2,700 kWh per year, that is, around 225 kWh per month. By installing solar panels for self-consumption, that same family would achieve a partial reduction in their energy by about 1,291 kWh per year, or in other words, approximately 108 kWh per month. This represents half of your consumption and, therefore, half of your energy expenditure.

An important element to take into account is the hours of sunshine that are being wasted. The European Commission's Photovoltaic Geographical Information System Database shows that Madrid has an average radiation of 300 kWh/m2. According to various sources in Madrid there are about 260 hours of sunshine per month. But, currently, in the Community of Madrid, only 1.8% of the energy consumed is renewable, according to data from Red Eléctrica.

Solar energy in our country has become an element for industry or for families with high purchasing power, since it has been located mainly in single-family houses with roofs. The coming revolution, led by Plug & Play solar panels, self-installable on any balcony or pergola or any space with access to the sun, will mean a general increase in solar energy in Spain. In Germany, by August 2023, 1.5 million self-consumption panels had been installed. And they have less sun than in Spain.

Boris Hageney, founder of Robinsun, a company that markets Plug & Play solar panel kits, argues that “we have to democratize the consumption of solar energy which, in our country, is only available to 35% of homes. It cannot be that the vast majority of Spaniards do not take advantage of energy savings that are so easy to achieve and cheap, when Spain is the European country where photovoltaic panels provide the highest performance.”

About Robinsun

Founded in Madrid in 2023, Robinsun has the mission of giving all households the opportunity to reduce their electricity bill and fight climate change, producing their own solar energy for self-consumption. The company's Plug & Play Solar Kits use proven, state-of-the-art technology components. Plug & Play solar kits are extremely affordable and easy to install. With Robinsun, all homes, even those without roofs, can participate in our energy transition and save on their electricity bill.

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