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How to spot the quality of a plug & play solar kit

Wie man die Qualität eines Plug & Play Balkonkraftwerks erkennt.

There are solar kits of all kinds. But which ones are "plug & play" and how to recognize quality and a good price? We explain it to you in 5 simple steps.


"Plug and play" sounds very easy, but to comply with regulations a kit cannot exceed 800 W of power to be "plug & play". You can install up to 800 W yourself, and it is not necessary to certify them. The micro inverter limits the output power.


They are the heart of the kit, and have to produce a lot, without breaking, for many years. Check the production (measured in Wp), panel size and weight. Solar panels measuring approximately 172 x 113 cm weigh 20-24 kg and produce up to 420 Wp. There are panels with more Wp, but they tend to be larger and heavier.

The degree of efficiency currently is between 22 and 25%. Always choose top brands, called "Tier 1". The latest technology is TOPCon (no longer PERC), and the most performing cells are N-Type. And if elegance matters to you: Full Black!


It is the brain of the kit, and it has to withstand high temperatures. Its efficiency must be >95% and it must be turned on with low voltage, to also take advantage of minimal irradiation.

Modern micro inverters all have direct WiFi connection included, without requiring additional devices.

The output power has to be compatible with the power of the panels. A quality micro inverter can handle up to 20% more power from the panels.


A panel and a micro inverter are useless if you do not have a quality cable to connect the kit to the home outlet.

And how do you plan to fix panels and micro inverters in a safe and robust way? A complete kit comes with all the necessary accessories, good mounts, a clear manual and agile, online after-sales support.


A quality kit must be backed by extensive guarantees. Solar panels need a production guarantee of at least 25 years, micro inverters at least 12 years.


A solar kit is an investment with a very strong economic and environmental return for up to 30 years. In order to get the most out of its effect, it is important that the kit is of high quality and that it produces reliably for many years. At Robinsun, we pride ourselves to offer the most advanced technology components on the market of the best quality for our kits, to make sure you buy a quality kit that will give you excellent returns over decades. And the best is that our kits are among the best priced on the market. Compare our kits with others, and you will see the quality. And if you have questions, contact us and our solar experts will help you with any question you may have.

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