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What are the most popular cities to install a solar kit in Spain?

What are the most popular cities to install a solar kit in Spain?

In our recent Sunset Session, live on Youtube, customers asked about production of kits in various cities in Spain. In the following session we answered the question explaining in more detail how much a plug & play solar kit like our Robinsun Performance 800 with a 20 degree mount produces in various parts of Spain. We’ve been looking into the data to check where most kits have been installed today, and came to some interesting conclusions.

Overall state of solar kit installations in Spain

Solar kits are still a relatively recent innovation in the Spanish residential market. Compared to Germany, where over 1,5m kits were installed as of 2023, or France where the market is growing fast at the moment, Spain is still at a very infant stage, with installed kits probably still counted in thousands. No official data is available for the Spanish market as far as we know. This is despite the fact that regulation is not prohibitive, and Spain having Europe’s best solar production ratios due to its abundant sunshine.

As we explained in our recent Sunset Sessionsavings with a plug & play solar kit vary depending on where in Spain you install your kit. In the north production is not as high as in the south, and the center produces a little more than the eastern Mediterranean coastline.

Where are kits installed most and least

Based on our data on Robinsun kits sold to date, we have compiled a chart of select provinces in Spain, that shows how they rank based on sales compared to population. Interestingly the regions where kits are sold most compared to their population are not necessarily those where kits produce more and make households save more.

  • The average number of kits installed per inhabitant is in Pontevedra province.
  • Madrid has more kits per inhabitant installed than Barcelona, despite production can be expected to be almost the same. Both are under-average at the national level, although Madrid is close.
  • The Canary islands, that have by far the highest production in all of Europe, rank rather low.
  • Same goes for Andalusia, which in mainland Spain has the highest production data, but doesn’t rank very high.


Plug & play solar kit installations are growing in Spain, but still have a long way to go to reach the levels of installations seen in Germany or France. Spain offers the best production of solar energy in all of Europe. With power prices being relatively high, and regulation favorable, solar kits offer a great opportunity for households to save on their power bills. In several of the best producing areas there is still a relatively low kit density. All in all this shows that the biggest savings on Spaniard’s power bills are yet to come.

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