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Instagram influencer @SofiaParapluie shows you how easy it is to install a Robinsun solar kit

Instagram influencer @SofiaParapluie shows you how easy it is to install a Robinsun solar kit

Setting up a Robinsun plug & play solar kit is very easy and can be done by one or two people in 15 to 30 minutes. Don’t believe us? See how Instagram influencer @SofiaParapluie does it with her family.

Who is @SofiaParapluie?

Sofia is the person behind the social media channels of @sofiaparapluie on Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest and her blog. On her various social media channels she has hundreds of thousands of followers of her posts about home decoration and DIY. Sofia’s focus is on wellbeing at home, and having a mindful and careful approach to living.

Sofia and her experience with a Robinsun Performance 800 solar kit

Sofia is also very concerned about the environment, and found Robinsun’s plug & play solar kits to be a solution that every household can install easily, like so many of the other DIY products she tries out all the time. Even with limited DIY skills, you can set up a kit in minutes. And so did Sofia, together with her husband and daughter, that unboxed a Robinsun Performance 800 kit with bifacial 420 Wp all black solar panels. They installed it on the flat roof of their home in coastal Spain, with a 20 degree mount. Check how easy the installation in Sofia’s house has been. We have also uploaded her video on our Youtube channel.

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