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Tile roof mount for solar panels

Robinsun launches plug & play solar kits for tiled roofs

Based on requests of our customers, we have been trying to find a solution to mount our Robinsun Performance 800 plug & play solar kit also on a tiled roof. Working with our provider of mounts, we found two possible solutions, that we now launch as part of our plug & play solar kits.

Why mount a plug & play solar kit on a tiled roof?

Customers have been asking for solutions to mount their solar kits on tiled roofs for some time. In our conversations, we see that many households have a small tiled roof space available that usually has a good angle, for example on verandas or canopies. Mounting a plug & play solar kit there is not as easy as on a flat roof or gardenbut the production is usually very good due to the angle. And since we switched to full black solar panels for our kits at the end of 2023, the aesthetics have greatly improved.

What solutions does Robinsun offer?

To fix a plug & play solar kit on a tiled roof requires drilling the mount onto the roof. This can be done in two ways.

  • The first one is perforating the tiles, keeping them in their current position. Our bolted kit offers this solution, that can be used on tiled roofs as on many other pitched roof surfaces.
  • If you want to preserve the tile, and not perforate it, we have our tile guardrail kit. In this version the bars of the mount are fixed to a U-shaped metal piece that goes around the tile, and is fixed onto the roof surface under the tile by drilling.

Pitched roof kits come with two panels only, and one 800 W micro inverter. Different than for other installations, we have found customers to rather want more panels for tiled roof installations.


Both versions of our tiled roof mounts come with all components necessary to fix the solar panel and micro inverter safely to your roof. The kits come with a standard length cable to connect the micro inverter to your nearest socket. Should you need a longer, custom made cable, please contact us.

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