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HTC Mania prueba un kit solar plug & play de Robinsun

Robinsun is HTCMania’s top choice for plug & play solar kits

A few months back, the people behind HTCMania reached out to us at Robinsun. He wanted to test a Robinsun Performance 800 solar kit, since he liked the idea of testing an innovative device to take down his power bills. Since he tests a lot of devices, we assume that bill must be hefty.

What is HTCMania?

HTCMania is one of Spain’s main tech and smartphone forums. It has a huge following, and is a reference within the industry. With hundreds of thousands of followers on social media and millions of registered users on its forum, HTCMania is a great partner for Robinsun. And besides that, the owner is an extremely friendly and relaxed guy.

HTCMania reviews Robinsun Performance 800 plug & play solar kit

HTCMania reviewed our Robinsun Performance 800 kit. The review is extremely thorough, and includes a lot of pictures, and background information. They describe the unboxing, setup and use of the kit. We get many messages from customers that read HTCMania’s review, and appreciate their feedback. The plug & play solar kit reviewed at the time used the Longi 410 Wp PERC panels, that we have since replaced with QN Solar’s 420 Wp full black bifacial panels and Aiko’s 445 Wp monofacial panels. But the structure of the kit is the same, using TSUN’s 800 W micro inverter and our 20 degree mount.

We can only recommend HTCMania’s review as an impartial analysis of a Robinsun plug & play solar kit. Feel free to participate also in the forum’s questions, helping other users understand the functioning of the kit better.

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