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How solar savings packs help you save twice

How solar savings packs help you save twice

We recently launched our solar savings packs in Spain to help our customers save twice: on their kit and their power bills.

What is a solar savings pack?

Our solar savings packs combine a plug & play solar kit with a solution to store your surplus energy, at a discount for buying the two together. Our first packs, that are available until 15.05.2024, combine a Robinsun Performance 800 with the certification service required to get compensated for your surplus energy, when you feed that into the grid. We have kits with 20 degree mount, 60 degree mount or 90 degree mount in our current bundles.

Why do I save twice?

First of all, by buying two bundled products together, we’re able to make the bundle price cheaper. This can be due to lower transport costs, processing costs, or by achieving better prices with our suppliers for selling more items of a specific type of product. This gives you the possibility to save immediately on your purchase of the bundle.

But the bigger savings will materialize in the longer term. As we described recently, in our journey to reach the zero Euro power bill, the combination of solar kit plug certification in Spain can increase your savings from 50% to over 70%. This means that every month, for the 30 years of production warranty of our kits’ solar panels, you will save even more. Especially when electricity prices tend to only increase in the longer term, you’re protecting yourself against those increases, and achieve some degree of autonomy from power price fluctuations, VAT increases, and adverse market developments.


If seriously saving on your power bill is what you’re looking for, our solar savings packs are an ideal option for you to get started fast. Don’t forget that you can also pay for our packs in up to 12 installments with seQura in Spain, Portugal, France and Italy. If you have any questions on our solar savings packs, contact us.

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Hola Josep,
con la certificación del kit te entregamos un CIE (certificado de instalación eléctrica), con el cual puedes tramitar las ventajas fiscales como la reducción del IBI directamente. No hace falta ningún paso adicional de “legalización”.
Si tienes dudas, contacta con nosotros en info@robinsun.com o llámanos al 640913151.


Buenos dies, la certificacion que nos proporcionan, con quien debe tramitarse para la legalizacion de la instalacion ? una vez legalizado da la posibilidad de deduir la parte que corresponda de IBI ? o esto ultimo depende de cada ayuntamiento ? Gracias, saludos

Josep Maria Mercé Currià

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