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Our Robinsun Perfomance 400 - 20 Plug & Play Solar Kit has 
a maximum output of 400 W, and comes with one high performance solar panelThe included mount structure for flat surfaces gives this kit a 20º angle for better production.

What's in the box

  • 1x Solar panel 410 Wp (172,2 x 113,4 cm)
  • 1x Micro inverter 400 W 
  • 1x Schuko cable (5 m)
  • 1x Mount 20º
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1 or 2 panels, how much power do I need?

As a rule of thumb, in Southern Europe households of 1-2 people should be fine with 1 Performance panel, while 2-3 people probably need 2 panels. If you have many appliances connected, as well as your water boiler or air conditioning, 2 panels are recommended. Use our Yield Calculator to see how much you can produce at home with different types of kits.


The most important factor to influence production is how much sunshine you can get onto your panels for the longest amount of time during the day. In Southern Europe, a Performance 800 kit with south facing orientation can easily produce 1.391 kWh/year, or 116 kWh/month of 3,8 kWh/day. In summer this will be more, in winter less. If the same panel is facing East, yearly production is 1.182 kWh, while facing West it is 1.207 kWh/year.

Check your power bill}

To understand your consumption, check your last power bill for kWh consumed per month. As an example, if your monthly consumption is of 250 kWh, a Performance 800 can reduce this by 116kWh. In this example, it is also very likely that you will use all your kit's power, with almost no surplus energy. This minimizes the earnback time of your investment.

20, 60 or 90 degrees - What mount do I need?

In Europe, solar panels work best if positioned at a 30-35 degree angle. While that happens to be the case on many pitched roofs, it's hard to achieve on a balcony or wall installation.


To understand the impact of the angle, compare the production of a south-facing Performance 800 kit:
- 0 degrees (horizontal): 1.130 kWh/year
- 30 degrees angle: 1.320 kWh/year
- 60 degrees angle: 1.220 kWh/year
- 90 degrees (vertical): 850 kWh/year

If you look at production per month, at horizontal installation production in summer will be almost 3x that in winter, while in vertical mount in winter you will produce almost 3x as much as in summer. At a 60 degree angle production is almost equal among the months.

Check what installation location you have available, here are the mount options we have for you

Balcony railing

To install a Performance kit on your balcony railing, we recommend you do this at no more than 4m of height. Performance panels weigh 20kg each, and strong winds in height can develop a powerful sail effect. Our balcony mount kits come with heavy duty clamps that can hold 300kg each. Each panel is held by 2 such clamps for maximum stability and safety. You can chose between a vertical mount of 90 degrees, or a triangle mount with a 60 degree angle, increasing production.

Wall mount

To fix your panels against a wall, our kits come with the necessary screws and duvels. You will need to drill holes and fix the mounts safely. For wall mount, we have a vertical 90 degree structure, as well as a triangle mount with a 60 degree angle, increasing production.

Flat surfaces

To mount your panels on a flat surface (like your garden, garage roof or pergola), we offer a 20 degree mount structure with rubber bases. The mount is extremely easy to set up. See the video further down on this page. Should your panels be exposed to strong wind, you can add concrete blocks to the mount for additional protection (not included in the kit).

Any other surface

If you have your own solution on how to mount your kit, get your kit without a mount. You can fix the panels with a mount you already have, or in any form you see fit. Keep safety in mind, and assure a stable and solid installation that assures long time production.

Generate your own solar power for self consumption

Reduce your emissions & costs by up to 50%

Quick and easy self-installation, without electrician or installer

20° mount installation

In this video, we explain how to install our Robinsun Performance 20° kit and start producing solar energy from your home, reducing your carbon footprint, fighting climate change and saving on your power bill.

Save your planet and your wallet!

Find the right mount for you!

20º Mount

The mount included in your kit is made of aluminum and is extremely sturdy and weather-resistant. To fix it solidly to the ground, you can add some concrete plates (not included) on top of the rubber plates included in the kit. 20° tilt angle for maximum performance.

Installation video

Components specifications


  • 410 Wp
  • Panel efficiency 21,0%
  • 1200 mm cable with MC4-EVO2 connectors
  • Easy Plug & Play connection
  • Frame colour: Black
  • 25-year warranty for extra linear power output by the manufacturer
  • 12-year warranty for materials and processing
  • Dimensions 172,2 x 113,4 x 3,0 cm. Weight 20,8 kg


Data Sheet

Warranty Sheet

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