Wall kits

Unlock your walls' untapped potential with a plug & play solar kit, generating solar energy for self consumption during sunshine hours. Choose between a 60° or 90° mount to install your kit in the most productive and elegant way.

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Generate your own solar power for self consumption

Reduce your emissions & costs by up to 50%

Top quality panels with 25 year production warranty

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Performance with 90º mount

Fix your kit to your wall with our aluminium 90° mounts in no time. Our kits come with all necessary accessories for a safe and solid installation, for 1 panel (400 W) or 2 panels (800W). Convert your wall into a solar power station!

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Performance with 60º mount

Give your kit a better production with a 60° angle. Our aluminium mounts assure an easy and solid installation on your wall. Whether you chose 1 panel (400 W) or 2 panels (800 W), your kit is professionally fixed in no time.

Display our elegant Plug & Play Solar Kit on your Wall!

All about Wall Kits

Our Performance Kits allow you to take full advantage of the sunlight that illuminates any one of your home’s walls. It is worth considering the integration of our Plug & Play Solar Kits on the facades of your home to give purpose to unused spaces such as the wall and all this by giving a modern and elegant facade cladding with the attractive design of solar panels. At Robinsun, we offer a range of kit options. The first difference is the power output of the kits. EU regulations allow kits up to 800 W output to be exempt from many norms and registration requirements. Our Performance Kits stay within this requirement. Kits with one panel are of 300 or 400 W output, depending on the type of panel they use. Kits of two panels are of 600 or 800 W output. We prioritize safety and ensure that our Plug & Play Solar Kits meet these standards. With this in mind, it is important to notice that our current top of the line mount manufacturers delivered a stable and easy to set structure capable of withholding all components which is covered by both a 25-year structural warranty and a 25-year anti-corrosion warranty by the manufacturer. Our Performance 90º - 400 W and Performance 90º - 800 W kits are equipped with a 90-degree angle mount, providing a specific configuration for installation. On the other hand, our Performance 60º- 400 W and Performance 60º - 800 W kits feature a triangular mount, resulting in a 60-degree angle for these Wall Kits. This angle offers the advantage of slightly higher electricity production throughout the year. Nevertheless, diverse mounting structures are available for an easy installation for our walls because of the mounts provided, you must remember that the production of green electricity comes with different tastes, as such, you can opt for the possibility of our Robinsun Light - 300 W and 600 W which utilize lightweight and flexible panels, making them highly convenient for mounting. These kits are particularly recommended if you plan to install the kit by yourself or in elevated locations beyond the first floor, especially if there is pedestrian traffic below the installation area. This recommendation is primarily driven by safety considerations.

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