Balcony kits

No roof? No problem. Generate your own solar power with Robinsun's plug & play solar kits. You can choose between a 60° or 90° mount, and save up to 50% on your electricity bill while helping fight climate change using your balcony.

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Generate your own solar power for self consumption

Reduce your emissions & costs by up to 50%

Top quality panels with 25 year production warranty

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Performance with 90º mount

Our 90° mounts fix your panels solidly against any surface or balcony railing. Kits include all accessories needed for a safe and solid installation. Easy to mount, these kits come with 400 W (1 panel) or 800 W (2 panels) power.

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Performance with 60º mount

Giving your panels a slight angle increases their production significantly. Our 60° aluminium mount structures are easy to set up and fix to your balcony railing. Customers achieve significant performance increases with this mount.

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Robinsun Light

Robinsun Light kits are ideal for balconies on higher floors, or with foot traffic under them. Our ultralight panels weigh just 5 kg a piece, and can be easily fixed to your balcony railing with stainless steel cable binders.

How to install a Light kit

Learn how easy it is to install a Robinsun Light plug & play solar kit on your balcony railing. The ultralight panels can be fixed easily with stainless steel cable binders. The whole installation takes minutes and can be done by one person.

Save the planet and your wallet!

Let everyone see you are taking climate action!

All about Balcony Kits

Not all balconies are alike, that’s why we have different kinds of Balcony Kits available. The first difference is the power output of the kits. EU regulations allow kits up to 800 W output to be exempt from many norms and registration requirements. Our Balcony Kits stay within this requirement. Kits with one panel are of 300 or 400 W output, depending on the type of panel they use. Kits of two panels are of 600 or 800 W output. For balconies, we offer kits with two types of panels. Our Robinsun Light - 300 W and 600 W use lightweight, flexible panels that are extremely easy to mount. We recommend those if you want to mount your kit alone, or install it anywhere higher than the first floor, especially if there is pedestrian traffic under your kit installation. This is for safety reasons. For balconies on ground or first floors, or with no pedestrian traffic under them, we offer Balcony Kits with conventional panels, that perform better in terms of output, but are heavier. We have two types of mount. Our Performance 90º - 400 W and Performance 90º - 800 W kits come with a 90 degree angle mount, while our Performance 60º- 400 W and Performance 60º - 800 W kits have a triangular mount that give these Performance Kits a 60 degree angle. At 60 degrees your balcony produces slightly more electricity throughout the year. Experience the convenience of our Plug & Play Solar Kits, where you have the power to choose the perfect fit for your home. Our commitment to quality shines through our use of Tier 1 components in crafting the most efficient Balcony Kits. Not only do we prioritize functionality, but we also take pride in its eye-catching design. Our philosophy revolves around offering solar systems that seamlessly integrate with your sockets, all while exuding a touch of elegance. Transform your balcony into a gateway to a sustainable future, as we embark on a generation-wide transition towards renewable energy.

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