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Robinsun launches to pioneer Plug & Play Solar Kits in Europe’s sunniest markets

Robinsun startet, um Pionierarbeit für Plug-&-Play-Solarkits in Europas sonnenreichsten Märkten zu leisten.


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To tackle the growing threat of climate change for our everyday lives, Robinsun launches its Plug & Play Solar Kits in Southern Europe. Combining proven technology with an extremely simple installation, the Madrid-based company aims to give every household the opportunity to participate in our energy transition. At the same time customers can save on their energy bills, by generating their own renewable energy for self consumption.

Plug & Play Solar Kits are extremely affordable. They are a combination of 1 or 2 solar panels of Tier 1 manufacturers, a high quality micro inverter plus the necessary mounts and cables. Prices start as low as €599 for a Robinsun Performance - 400 kit and now ship in continental Spain and Portugal, with Italy and France being served very soon.

Plug & Play Solar Kits have proven to be extremely successful in northern European markets over the past years. But it is in sunny Spain, Italy, France or Portugal that their economics fully develop. Long sunshine hours and ideal temperatures allow a solar panel in Madrid or Rome to produce 50% more electricity than the same panel in Berlin or Stockholm.

Robinson’s kits can be installed by the customer without the need of an electrician or certified photovoltaic installer, which are in scarce supply all over Europe these days. EU norms allow for self installation for kits up to 800 Wp like Robinsun’s, allowing every household, even those that have no roof for a traditional installation to join our common fight against climate change.

Kits can be plugged into every household’s power network with a simple Schuko socket. The energy they generate is fed directly into the household grid and consumed by the appliances, especially those who are always on like a fridge, air conditioning or water boiler.


Robinsun Plug & Play Solar Kit

Robinsun’s Plug & Play Solar Kits are extremely versatile. The company offers two types of panels. Conventional ones offer performances of up to 410 Wp, while a lightweight model of just 5 kg allows for installation on higher surfaces and easier handling. The kits come with different types of mounts, so that the customer can decide where to install the kit - whether on a balcony railing, wall, floor or pergola. And for the Robinsun Crusoe’s among us the company offers a Basic Kit, without mount, leaving the fixing of the kit to each owner’s creativity.

Our Mission - Fighting Climate Change one Kit at a time

The UN estimates that we will likely hit the Paris Agreement’s target of 1.5 degrees within the next 4 years already. It also estimates that we will overtake the 2016 record of “hottest year on record” by 2026. Barely a week passes without the news of yet another climate change driven event like wildfires, floodings, draughts or similar, affecting ever more people’s daily lives. At Robinsun we believe that everyone of us should have the opportunity to do something against this. And the sum of many small results can be extremely powerful.

Energy in households is responsible for 11% of GHGs, and that share is likely to grow with the current electrification of transportation and heating. Every kit we ship will reach its owner within a few days, and from the moment the kit is installed and plugged into the household grid, the grid energy consumption will decrease, household by household. That is our small contribution to our common effort to decarbonise the energy we use.

 Just plug and save.

About Robinsun

Founded by serial entrepreneur Boris Hageney in Madrid in 2023, Robinsun is on a mission to give all households a chance to fight climate change by producing their own solar energy for self consumption. The company’s Plug & Play Solar Kits use proven technology and are extremely affordable and easy to install. With Robinsun every household, even those without a roof, can now participate in our energy transition.

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