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Selecting the right solar panels for your Plug & Play Solar Kit is made easy by Robinsun. We have extensively tested a large range of solar panels, and offer only panels of Tier 1 manufacturers.

Quality is our main concern, but also form factor. The solar panels we select need to be shippable to customers and then be easily handled by one or two people. For our kits we select solar panels that weigh no more than approximately 20 kg. There are more performant, bigger solar panels on the market, whose weight can easily reach 30 to 35 kg.

Another aspect is the 800 W limit for Plug & Play Solar Kits established by EU regulations. This limit is ensured by the micro inverter. The maximum output of your solar panels connected to the micro inverter, measured in Watt peak (Wp), can reach up to 120% of this limit, or 960 Wp. This means that each solar panel should not exceed 480 Wp. Current solar panels of approx 20 kg weight are getting close to this limit. Those are the solar panels Robinsun is offering you. Here you can find solar panels in various sizes and designs, catering to a wide range of applications. Typically, these solar panels are installed on roofs, terraces, gardens, or balconies. Moreover, our solar panels are versatile and can be used for many other applications such as mobile homes, caravans, boats, and more, even without mounting.

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